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Welcome to the Tactile Times Hangman game. Below are the basic steps you will need to take to play the game.

  1. If prompted, authenticate with your preferred method.
  2. Find the list of underscores which are the blank word and decide on your first guess. Enter it into the Enter guess box and submit it using the Submit button. The outcome of your guess will update above the guess box.
  3. Keep guessing until you either win or are hanged for getting too many guesses wrong.
You will not lose points for duplicate guesses, and you can always check how many more wrong guesses you are allowed before you are hanged.

Please note: Login and registration via email is still in development and is not currently a working login method.
There is a bug in VoiceOver which prevents the Sign in with Google button being clicked using iOS. To get arround this issue, you need to scroll to the bottom of the page and use the one-tap popup instead. This popup will only appear if you are already signed into your Google account. We are not in control of the accessibility of the button as it is embedded using an iframe from Google.
There is also a bug when automatically logging a Google account. If you are signed in to more than one Google account in your browser, it will not work. This is not in our control and is up to Google to sort out. We will make sure that you are always remembered when logging in with email.
These instructions will disappear when you click the button below. This might be useful if you would like more space on the page, ore if you are familiar with the game.

Have fun playing Hangman!
A word will randomly be chosen from the
available words.
If you have any suggestions or ideas, contact us here.

Picture of hanged man used as tally for mistakes

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