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Use your screen readers navigation commands to explore these pages, find new things, solve the puzzles, and finally escape by completing the last task.

On a computer with JAWS or NVDA, use the letter H to navigate by headings, and the numbers 1 to 6 to navigate by different heading levels. On an iOS device, set your rotor to headings and then swipe up and down to skip by heading.

Don't worry if you get a puzzle wrong, you can always have another go, you are never locked in forever!

To complete a puzzle, read the question and then select the answer which you decide on. YOu will get instant feedback letting you know if you are wrong or you will be moved on to the next puzzle if you are correct.

Puzzle 1

I can move faster then a cheetah, I rush from left to right, I fill up spaces which are dry, and run all through the day and night. What Am I?

Puzzle 1 Answers

Sleep A Cat Water